The English translation for raison d’être is the reason for being.

For Wooranna Park Primary School it signifies the philosophical understandings and beliefs that underpin the changes we have introduced into the school. To understand our school you need to understand our Raison D’etre.
First developed in 2005, the Raison D’etre has been significantly modified in recent years as staff reflect on the ways in which the school philosophy and pedagogy are developing together. An introductory video has also been prepared to further clarify the schoolís thinking. The video outlines our Raison D’etre in the context of our aims as a teaching community and addresses the nature of our school curriculum. It also provides a philosophical foundation to the framing of our Raison D’etre.
We invite visitors to our website to see where our journey has brought us thus far. Click Here to view the schoolís Introductory Video and current “Raison D’etre.”

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Please click here to view the school’s Raison D’etre document 
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