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A New Vision for the Garden

Our amazing parents and staff have been looking for a way to make our garden and outside spaces as interesting as our interior ones with the help of landscape architect Justin Staggard. I think you’ll agree that the plans are exciting!

Concept designs plans




Welcome to 2014 at Wooranna Park Primary School. We hope everyone in our community enjoyed a break.

Staff are back at school preparing for the new year already, while students from Year 1 to Year 6 will return on Wednesday 29th February. Prep students will begin on Thursday 30th February and will come for two half days next week.

This year we have some exciting new programs starting. The Song Room will be providing an artist to teach music in the school one day a week, while Ms Hornsby will teach music and drama on the other days.  Private music lessons are again offered on a Thursday.

Mrs. Patel is joining us with a brand new look at science, adding to the environmental science and technology programs run by Mr. Lyon, Mr Lowne and Mr.Kam.

Language programs in the school this year include Japanese from Prep to Year 4, with a choice for 5/6 students between French, German, Greek, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Our relationships with sister schools in South Korea and Thailand will also continue through the Bridge program.

Miron is returning to continue his very successful chess programs and will also offer after school lessons privately.

There is a buzz around the idea of a ‘Maker Space’ so keep your eye on what’s happening to see what develops there.


November 22nd Newsletter



Well done girls. The seven girl team of Rebecca, Sara, Imanya, Ashali, Suraya, Iva and Ivana successfully competed in the finals on Friday, winning the competition against some very skilful players from the other five schools. Rebecca came first overall and Sara second with all girls improving their standing and receiving a trophy. Thank you Miron for the joy these girls have in playing chess and playing it well!

Emmy Monash 2013 – Narrow Bridge Video


Video: Wooranna Park Goes Gangnam Style

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